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Published: On Thursday, July 26, 2007

Some time ago, when I searched on WordPress' codex the syntax of some template tag, I realized that for such purposes are there often cheatsheets. Lists of frequently wanted information, you know, just forever helping cheatsheets. In case of WordPress theme developer the cheatsheet should contain before all the list of template tags, the syntax (parameter names) of the most used ones, perhaps lucidly expressed template hierarchy. And another things I can't remember right now.

I didn't to start projecting new WordPress template cheatsheet immediately, what was the first idea (and I should be ashamed of that!), but at first I decided to collect all the work of people with the same idea. Definitely from this work will arise my own cheatsheet one day, but today I'm going to share my collected sources of inspiration, while the design process is going to happen inside my head, for now.

You could ask why I want to make my own cheatsheet, when I have so many some options to choose. Before all and except all subjective reasons – no one cheatsheet I have found filled my expectations. No one contains post- or comment- class variables, or many (both) are in a form I do not find ideal and… I haven't see one cheatsheet, that would be made in the wanted format of HTML. So… look forward & stay tuned! ;)

All cheat-sheets for WordPress I know

This is a list of cheatsheets I have found (not only about Template tags) – please leave a comment if you know (or made) something I missed!

Note for cheatsheets authors: Please, always add into your works the version of WP it's compatible wit­h.

[HTML] Template tags by Bueltge.de

See the page – since the cheatsheet is an HTML document

My opinion: very nice HTML remake of official Template Tags page on Codex. Much information is available much quicker, since details about functions are shown by JavaScript. Although I have the feeling, I could work even faster and the screen could contain much more information in each moment.

See also the bueltge.de site for other helpful stuff – Projects section in sidebar.

[PDF/IMG] WordPress Template Tags Cheat Sheet by Yojance [fresh]

See the official page and choose it in PDF or JPG format.

My opinion: usable as quick guide. Any functions-description is missing, so it's probably aimed at advanced wp users (that know functions' meaning, just can't remember its spelling). Offering PDF and JPG version too is a good step, IMO.

[IMG] WordPress DB schema

  • relationships between tables are very simplyfied
  • describes WordPress 2.7 database
  • made with MySQL Workbench
  • its meaning is (supposed to be) in reminding tables'/columns' names and their types

My variation

WP Codex Variation

Seems to be better than my image, describes more relationships. I didn't really check differences against the mine, so I'm linking both.

Part of Codex/Database desrciption page, the image self.

Removed cheatsheets (out-of-date)

  • Administration pages and options hierarchy by Andy Wibbels
  • WordPress database structure (IMG) by unknown author
  • Teplate tags (plain text) by Michael Caputo
  • Plugin API (PDF) by Bueltge.de
  • Plugin API (IMG) by Headzoo.com
  • WordPress Help Sheet (PDF) by WP Candy


  1. 1.  Anonymous wrote: On August 23., 2007 comment number 1

    WordPress cheatsheet is good!

  2. 2.  Suzanne wrote: On August 26., 2007 comment number 2

    This is a great summary & will save me a lot of effort, thanks!

  3. 3.  Kahi [author] wrote: On August 26., 2007 comment number 3

    ↪ Suzanne That was the purpose, Suzanne, and I'm glad you and all the people think that the collecting of resources was useful piece of work.

    I know the list not very lucid now, but a quite ancillary reorganization is on the way!

  4. 4.  Sudar wrote: On October 27., 2007 comment number 4

    Thanks for the cheatsheet list. Will surely save me lot of time. Much appreciated.

  5. 5.  Foxinni wrote: On January 26., 2008 comment number 5

    Freaking Great!

  6. 6.  Martha Turner wrote: On February 15., 2008 comment number 6

    plain jane design + message that I am using IE Explorer 6–but I'm using Safari 3.0!!!!!

  7. 7.  Kahi [author] wrote: On February 15., 2008 comment number 7

    ↪ Martha Turner Quite strange! I'll fix it asap.

    Update: I had a look at it but this does not make any sense… You're really using Safari and the message about IE6 just shouldn't be shown. At this time I don't see any solution, sorry.

    Update 3 months later: I know now! That's partially because of my caching plugin. Sorry. Fixed.

  8. 8.  konya evden eve wrote: On June 13., 2009 comment number 8

    Thank You..

  9. 9.  evden eve nakliyat izmir wrote: On June 15., 2009 comment number 9

  10. 10.  Yojance wrote: On June 20., 2009 comment number 10

    I just released a detailed and complete WordPress Template Tags Cheat Sheet. You can preview it here.
    http://yojance­.com/cheat-sheets/ if you like it, please add it to the list

  11. 11.  Kahi [author] wrote: On June 20., 2009 comment number 11

    Yojance – Sure, link added. Good luck.

  12. 12.  Kahi [author] wrote: On June 20., 2009 comment number 12

    Note: I cleaned the list. Three cheat-sheets left. Interesting, isn't it?

  13. 13.  Andy Fitzpatrick wrote: On October 16., 2009 comment number 13

    Thank you for these. Cheatsheets make life so much easier for us mere mortals lol.

  14. 14.  Dj matty tolley wrote: On October 20., 2009 comment number 14

    Thank you for these. Cheatsheets make life so much easier for us mere mortals lol.

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