Independent Links, a plugin

Published: On Monday, December 29, 2008

What it does

Also means: when you're inserting a link into your post's/page's con­tent and the editor asks you for URL of the target page, you can give it just the number – ID – of that page. Why to do it? Because URLs change, IDs do not.

How to learn ID of a page or post?

I recommend using a plugin like Simply Show IDs or Reveal IDs for WP Admin (see the screenshots). Although it's always possible to see that number in URL addresses when browsing your WP administration.

What it does (in more detail)

You'll write (or generate with visual editor) an HTML link like <a href="456">my article</a>. 456 is the ID of a post or a Page and you'll set it as URL.

The plugin will rewrite the link to <a href="">my article</a>.

If you decide to change the permalink structure, the link will be updated automatically to <a href=".../2009/my-example-article">my article</a>.

Or, such links are independet of the current permalinks setting. Also you can run the same content on different places like public website + a development version at localhost… and because you're using independent links, it just will work. Or you can move the whole site to a different domain/folder. No problem with outdated links.

Other info

  • compatibility with HTML editor
  • compatibility with visual editor
  • compatibility with Texy plugin
  • tested with WP 2.7, but should work anywhere
  • PHP 5 required

Now, it's 0.5 version and not even at WP plugin directory. I know there would be very helpful a feature for rapid post's ID retrieval. No time.


Download newest Independent links (10 KB, *.ZIP)


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