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Yes, this should be a blog purely about WordPress. There are so many things that weren't written yet. If you would like to make a picture of my content, see categories list in sidebar. Maybe I should add a note, that my articles aren't usually aimed at beginners with WordPress; I expect from my readers some level of WP & webdev knowledges. In case that I won't describe anything understandable enough, please, don't hesitate to ask.

From time to time a write an article in Czech, but I expect that more than 80% of text will be in English. Anyway, there are prepared separated RSS feeds and some another features that should eliminate navigation or usability problems.

This blog should be different from other blogs about WordPress (except else) in it's strictly written content. I myself like pragmatic articles, that go straight to the point. Today, too many people use to talk without saying anything actually. When I finish reading of an article, I like to feel that there was the content, not just empty words. This is the approach I'd like to apply on My WP Notes.

About Kahi, the author

I live in a small state in the central Europe. We have that kind of strange language with various signs above letters, which native english speaker will never be able to pronounce. Also, my English is naturally not so perfect as could be. Be patient… Well, I started work with WP about the time of 2.0 release and my first steps weren't easy. Since today I don't know any better CMS, therefore WP is almost „classic“ choice if I need to manage any website's content. The need gives me the experience that is shared on these pages thereafter.

Except these tens of WP implementations and a few simple WP plugins I also help to grow the WP community here in Czech republic, as an admin on Czech WordPress forum.