Dashboard skip, a new plugin!

Published: On Tuesday, July 8, 2008

You actually may not need the dashboard page in WP administation. It may be useless, for somebody. This plugin allows to remove the dashboard from menu and prevent it from loading anymore. You can choose any other administration page for default.

After activation go to SettingsDashboard Skip and choose there a page you want to load instead of dashboard, like just when you log in. The plugin also hides the Dashboard link on the top.


  • PHP 5 on your webserver, as usual


Download Dashboard Skip (RAR archive, 5 KB)

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  1. 1.  kalilo wrote: On January 17., 2009 comment number 1

    It is wonderful plugin

    just what I was looking for

    works fine in 2.7

    Thank you..

  2. 2.  frustrated wrote: On February 23., 2010 comment number 2

    can't log in now. how do i undo this?

  3. 3.  Kahi [author] wrote: On February 23., 2010 comment number 3

    ↪ frustrated Try to remove the plugin's directory from wp-content/plugins/ via FTP. But are you sure my plugin has something to do with your logging-in problem?

  4. 4.  starko wrote: On March 11., 2010 comment number 4

    I was surprised that among all the possible pages there was not the blog page itself. I'd like to be able to skip the whole admin interface and go to the root

  5. 5.  Kahi [author] wrote: On March 12., 2010 comment number 5

    ↪ starko Then, you'd be after logging in redirected back to site without simple chance to get back to administration…

I quit working with WordPress, comments are closed. My plugins will not be updated any more – at least not by me. Feel free to modify my source codes though… Also I am not able to provide support, sorry. –Kahi