Tea Timer

Tea Timer is a little and smart down-counting timer, application for Windows. I decided to provide it for free.

In comparison with other countdown applications, this Tea Timer tries to be:

  • at least good-looking
  • simple to use, especially with keyboard

Download the newest Tea Timer (RAR, ± 0.5 MB)

  • Platform: Windows (XP – 7)
  • Version 2.1, published 2009/02/11, development paused
  • Contains also Delphi source-codes, licensed under GNU/GPL
  • former name: Čajoměřič

Pomodoro ready!

One of many ways of using this app is to get-things-done. I prefer to combine GTD methodology with Pomodoro technique: I set TeaTimer for 25 minutes and fire the burst. All the time during Pomodoro, I'm always aware of remaining time and my efficiency.

Peter Kahoun, webdesigner

More about Pomodoro Technique — see official website


  • Space key – pause/resume countdown
  • N key – opens new countdown window
  • Esc – quit the program
  • CTRL+[1-9] keys – start new countdown from the list (from positions 1–9)
  • right click: opens menu

How it looks like

Known issues

  • While a sound is playing, the application doesn't respond. Since I do not master multithreading in Delphi, or any other possible method that could solve this issue, it can stay for a while

TeaTimer as an Opera widget

Made by Jan Martínek aka Endlife; Thanks!

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    • Komentář číslo: 1
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    • Jméno: Ptr
    • Odesláno:
      30.3. 2009 — 23:12

    Thanks a lot! :) Very nice small application! Sweet!

    • Komentář číslo: 2
    • *
    • Jméno: Marcus
    • Odesláno:
      20.4. 2009 — 6:19

    Using Vista, I didn't succeed in opening the „New timer“ window. I have to use the keys „n20“ to start a 20 min alarm.
    Each second the little window with the time refreshes and this causes a blinking – it is disturbing for me.
    Possibility to minimize to tray would be great.

    Thanks for your work

    • Komentář číslo: 3
    • *
    • Jméno: Kahi
    • Odesláno:
      20.4. 2009 — 12:16

    [2] Marcus: Hi, these are quite surprising news for me.

    Each second the little window with the time refreshes and this causes a blinking…

    I tried the TT at various PCs and the blinking effect was very rare. I know it „sometimes“ blinks but all the time? Interesting. Anyway I'll try to find out why this happens.

    Possibility to minimize to tray would be great.

    Do you mean minimization from the window? Because minim. by clicking on app on taskbar should work…

    Using Vista, I didn't succeed in opening the ?New timer? window. I have to use the keys ?n20? to start a 20 min alarm.

    Sounds weird. I'll try it on other machine, if it will be confirmed, fixing might be a problem (I have no idea why should happen sth like that). I'm using TT (without any problems) on Windows 7 which I didn't expect to behave too differently from Vistas.

    • Komentář číslo: 4
    • *
    • Jméno: Kathleen
    • Odesláno:
      10.9. 2010 — 19:15

    This is a perfect little timer. Simple, not too big, not loaded with other features. Thank you!

    • Komentář číslo: 5
    • *
    • Jméno: Person
    • Odesláno:
      11.11. 2010 — 4:02

    I am very happy with your design!
    Very nice. I would be hard pressed to think of a better design.
    You should post this to github

    • Komentář číslo: 6
    • *
    • Jméno: Petr S.
    • Odesláno:
      14.5. 2013 — 14:08

    Program se mi velice líbí ale potřeboval bych odpočítávat několik časových úseků po sobě, po skončení jednoho odpočítávání aby se nastartovalo automaticky další. To asi program neumožňuje… :(

    • Komentář číslo: 7
    • *
    • Jméno: Kahi
    • Odesláno:
      14.5. 2013 — 21:34

    [6] Petr S.: Bohužel neumožňuje.

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