Widgets integration – how good step was that?

Published: On Sunday, August 26, 2007

It seem like this is gonna be another article from the “wrong way” “category .(yes, categories are invisible for now)”. I’m sorry, but what can I do? I just must think about these bad things and another urge forces me to transcript my minds… here!

My mindset to *Wordpress widgets* is really simple. Although it’s an interesting concept, I don’t like them and don’t use them because **they do not provide enough flexibility which I unconditionally require**.

And secondly, I think that sidebars (like any other site’s design element) should be made in a way that is correspondent to designer’s aims and giving the customer an opportunity to change the design is not in interest of anybody.

And even if the designer and the content-master are one and same person, even in this case are assets of widgets disputatious, in my opinion, from the same reason: opportunity to change the design easily is also opportunity to change design imprudently.

Look inside

After opening `widgets.php` you will see except functions that handle general mechanisms of widget engine as well functions that handle **concrete widgets’ abilities**. Let’s ignore fact that these codes are often in they character a part of template code, therefore they would ideally be located outside the core folder. The main thing why I wanted to see widgets’ guts is that widgets provide options that I had never seen before in WordPress (in other way than via plugins).

For example *last comments* or *last posts*. These lists… if you want include them into your non-widgetized sidebar, you must write by yourself – or you must use a plugin that makes it easier.

I was interested in this because I presumed, that if widget engine provides some new functions, these functions are going to be usable among the whole template code, no matter if widgets are enabled or not. Well, I was wrong in this presumption.

Why not think a bit first before putting anything inside the core?


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