Texy [WordPress plugin]

The state of things = alpha

I have restarted improving this one year old version. In a few months, I hope it will turn into traditional quality plugin.


Download the newest version (ZIP, 50 KB) from (official repository page)


PHP 5 (can't be activated without) and WordPress 2.8 or newer (may not work properly in earlier versions).

Next version goals

  1. main settings editable from administration
  2. Texy upgrade
  3. BUG: texy runs before shortcodes (resulting that shortcode results are usually being wrapped into <p> or worse, shorcodes with quotes are screwed)
  4. BUG: settings is not right right after activation (cache, etc.)

Future goals

  • editable panel buttons from administration (incl. adding new)
  • BUG: numeric link-href is not working correctly, when the target page's slug was modified and the cache is enabled
  • code rewriting and optimizations
  • extendability through action/filter hooks