Cache-plugins: personal summary

Published: On Saturday, January 12, 2008

I have written this mainly for my own needs. I would forget what I found out, you know… 

In order of tries:

WP-Cache (2)

note: see WP Super Cache first!

  • The installation wasn't successfully finished, neighter the „manual installation“.
  • Classic, simplier, automatic installation failed when I tried to access options-page. Nothing displayed, just menu, heding „WP-Cache“ and white space.
  • While installing „manually“, there was a problem with symbolic link. Somewhere I have read a tip: to replace advanced-cache.php with phase1 file. Nice article on this topic found at

1 Blog Cacher

  • Installation succeeded! I must praise it's simplicity, intuitive step-by-step installation, easily done even without reading the guide first!
  • Selected quotes: „Compatible with Gzip compression. […] Only GET requests are cached. […] Cached files (including front page cache) are updated when posts and comments are published/edi­ted/deleted.“
  • Does not serve cached content for logged users. No problem but good to know about that.
  • F5 in IE or FF: from cache, F5 in Opera or Ctrl+F5 in IE or FF: reload, not from cache

WP Super Cache

  • only after (unsuccessful) try to install WP-Cache 2 plugin I found out that this is it's remake, newer version. Damn.
  • Well, same problem as WP-Cache.


  1. 1.  BlaKKJaKK wrote: On February 25., 2008 comment number 1

    As my blog gets a fair amount of traffic and I was on a shared host, cache was a must for me. I used WP-Cache for monthes without worries and then in Dec I started to get daily CPU Exceed bans on my shared host. So much like you I tried all three of the above. My experiences differed a little.

    1 Blog Cacher and Super Cache seem to work very similar in that they both server live content for logged in users or people that comment but served cached files for everyone else.

    All of them can run into install issues depending on how your host has your server set up and your level of control.

    My main complaint about 1 Blog Cacher is not the admin panel has virtually no options. If you want to adust stettings you have to manually edited a config file.

    Super Cache to me seems to be a mature more mature package. All of the configuration options are available right at the admin panel as you would expect and it has options that none of the others have (such as locking a single page for caching and the option to run just WP-Cache or WP-Cache with the additonal Super-Cache options).

    My only complaint about it, is that if I enable Super-Cache it will not cache my sub pages to my gallery (NexGen plugin). I still have not found a solution.

    If you can get your host to do it or up to installing it yourself you should also consider Xcache or Eaccellerator which can be speed up even further with this NeoSmart's plugin for either. Match up any of the cache plugins you mentioned with that you should zap the load on your server.

    Link: http://neosmar­­07/xcache-and-eaccelerator-wp-plugins-updated/

I quit working with WordPress, comments are closed. My plugins will not be updated any more – at least not by me. Feel free to modify my source codes though… Also I am not able to provide support, sorry. –Kahi